Brit Word of the Day

Today's word is just a straight difference in use, but in my experience it causes alot of blank looks as still I use it regularly.

"BIN" = Trash Can

So I will say to one of the kids in school - " bring that over here and put it in the bin". Resulting in them just staring at me blankly, until it suddenly dawns on me they don't have a clue what I mean!!

We also refer to what goes in the 'bin' i.e. 'trash'......as 'rubbish'!

Trash just isn't a word we use alot in the UK and I don't really know why, but then I rarely hear the word 'bin' used here!


Vickie said...

No, they have that deer-in-headlights look because they don't exactly want to throw that in the bin, not because they don't know what the 'bin' is. = )

I like your blog.

Sarah said...

LOL this could also be true Vickie! Glad you enjoy the blog :-)

Redlady said...

I am enjoying your Brit word of the day! We have similar differences as to what part of the north/south you live in. In northern Ohio we call coke/pepsi
Pop. In the south..even a few hours south driving distance, they call it soda. Also, we call a paper bag just that, others call it a sack!

I just posted a long post to your gardening blog but it disapeared!


Bethanie said...

I use the word bin often now. Of course we could blame that on my hubby aye?

Mary said...

I remember the Nuns using the term rubbish when I was in grade school.
I grew up in western WI and it was pop. Moved to SE WI at age 21 and it is soda. Drinking fountains (water fountains) are called bubblers in SE WI!