Attack of the Munchies

Help WW buddies! I have a major attack of the munchies, probably because I am feeling better. So far I have managed to restrict myself to 2 packs of the Hostess 100 calorie cakes....but DH's Pecan Roll is screaming 'eat me' from the counter right now. I think I will take it and banish it to the garage, I had some last night, FATAL mistake!

I have made myself some green tea and if need be will eat a pitta & hummus to ward off danger until supper. I still have 16.5 pts for the day but I could probably eat the lot right now...LOL!

I will watch Oprah in 10 minutes and hope she distracts me.

Oh THANK GOD....my WW buddy just got in from work and signed in, she'll sort me out!


Lynne said...

How do you still have 16.5 points? Have you eaten anything today? I usually wind up with only about 8 points by dinner time!

Sarah said...

LOL Lynne! Well remember I stayed in bed until 11am due to my cold. So breakfast was lunch and then I nibbled, but now after a good healthy supper I still have 6.5pts left. But then I need to regain what I lost on the pecan roll last night!

Vickie said...

Step away from the pecan roll!!!

I am having some Raisin Bran instead of the yum ice cream Lady K is having. It helps.