The PJ's are finally off...but what did I learn?

Not a fact I am proud of.....but tomorrow's Wednesday and for the first time this week I will be wearing something other than my PJ's!! Finally the fearsome head cold has waved the white flag and tonight I feel a whole lot better, I can breathe and I'm barely coughing :-)

So what have I learned from having a bad cold and being thrust back into the dark ages without access to all the modern cold remedies (see earlier post for explanation). Well I have got well again just as fast (probably faster) as I ever did with all the Sudafed/Nyquil/Lemsip (UK) etc' remedies thrown down my formerly eager throat. I also didn't take mega doses of Vit' C, Zinc or Echinacia as I have in the past. Those of you that swear by Zicam (Mum are you reading this?), you may want to think again. The last 2 colds I had more than a year ago, I fought with the Zicam nasal bud thingies. I actually struggled with mucus for alot longer, took longer to recover...and had a hacking cough for days, that needed a prescription cough remedy.

With every cold I ever had, I have used decongestant nasal sprays to clear my blocked nose, as I have a morbid fear of not being able to breathe. Well this time I wasn't allowed to use them, so I just had to keep blowing it all out and relied on Vicks VapoRub to clear my nose. Well first of all I survived through 2 very congested nights and after an initial few minutes adjusting after lying down, my nose cleared just with the Vicks enough for me to sleep. I also did not get the drainage down my throat that these sprays cause and so there was nothing to irritate my throat and make me cough. For the first time in years I was not propped sitting up, to stop the steady drip in my throat these decongestants cause, trying to sleep.

I did take Acetaminophen/Paracetamol (UK) every 6 hours for 3 days to help the fever and headache. When I started to develop a cough I immediately started using the only 'drug' per se I was allowed, a prescription cough med' I had left over in the cupboard. But previously it took at least a bottle to rid me of the cough, this time 6 doses has done it in 2 days!! Many of my family & friends can affirm to the horrendous coughs I have had in the past, this time the cough never really got started for the first time in years.

Vicks VapoRub slathered on the soles of your feet, with warm socks on top, will stop your cough and help you sleep better than all the drugs. Some on your chest and throat helps too. I also had a Vicks Waterless Vaporiser going in the room overnight to help me breathe easier.

So I guess I learned what the scientists say....there is still no cure or quick fix for the common cold and the old remedies are still the best, plus they don't leave you with a ton of mucus after!

It's Vicks all the way for me in the future, saving money too :-)


Lynne said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Knock on wood, but I haven't had a bad cold in a long time. But if I get one, I'm stocking up on Vicks.

Vickie said...

Glad you are in your daytime clothes again and feeling better.

I am a fan of Vicks since I was itty bitty. My mom used to put the Vicks vaporizor in our room when we were sick, rub Vicks on our throats and wrap a sock with wax paper and fasten that around our throats. The warmth of our skin made the fumes go up in our noses and help ease the congestion. Mom's cough remedy was warm Jack Daniels and honey....We'd bury our heads in the pillows when we had to cough just so we wouldn't have to drink that. = )
I just got over a cold while DH and Lady K were illin' with the flu last week. Not a fun house to be in. Blech. Zicam swabs didn't work this time as I got distracted with caring for the fam. I only Nyquiled myself a couple of nights. My new med is Mucinex to help expectorate (it could be a word!). Hate being sick.

Mary said...

Sarah, have you tried Airborne? I had great relief from the orange flavor last month. It comes in a few different forms. I prefer the fizzy disk. You put it in a small amount of water (I used 4 oz) and drink it down when the disk disappears. I took it 3x/day for 2 days after the first cold symptoms. DH had been recommending this for a couple of years and I never believed him. Glad I finally tried it. Worked for me! I'm happy you're feeling better!