Distance makes the heart grow fonder?!

When I was in the UK I have to say I was never a huge fan of the TV chef Gordon Ramsey. It wasn't so much the choice language that got to me, it was more his ego - plus I didn't enjoy 'Hell's Kitchen' with it's D list celeb's!
But now I am here I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan! My better half is too -we both love to watch 'Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares' on BBC America and fall about laughing.

My theory on this sudden love of Gordon is he just makes me feel 'at home'. I miss that bluntness and 'in your face, tell it like it is' aggression the Brit's seem to thrive on. Probably 60% of what he actually says is bleeped out here, but that doesn't matter because I can fill in the bleeps! And more than anything Gordon is a master practitioner of that favourite British pastime - the use of sarcasm and I am now seriously out of practice in that area!

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pamokc said...

hey, i stumbled onto your blog somehow, doing something like england/oklahoma in the same search. welcome to you! i have a british husband so am very much enjoying your comments here. i would add you if i knew how to do that yet! i'm all new to this site. it is amazing how many brits are in OK, there is another lady in our neighborhood, one works at the CVS pharmacy nearby, and on and on. nice to see you and i'll be looking for new postings!