What amuses you the most about the British?

C'mon let me have it, I'd be very interested to know what you find funny or odd about us Brit's?

Don't be shy - leave a comment!


Vickie said...

Favorite pronunciations:
Schedule (shedual), aluminium (al-ewe-min-i-um)

Favorite phrases:
crisps, chips, fag, knock you up, Full Monty, bollocks, cheeky monkey, bit of fluff, peckish, pissed, snog, arse, biscuit, chat up, cheers, chuffed, knackered, page 3 girl......

Sarah said...

LOL Vickie there are some good words here...aluminium is the one I go to when somebody asks me to say something funny, it works everytime!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Nothing odd or funny - totally charming and very likable. I'm a total Anglophile :) I think the Brits, by and large, from my nonexistent exposure to them (albeit through books and movies, my only outlet), have a wonderful dry sense of humor :)

Oh, I know, from the multitude of cooking shows I watch on TV, there is not a whole lot of positive feedback on the food. Chefs on Tv in the USA seem to prefer French and Italian cuisines to British cuisine :)

Have a wonderful day, Sarah :)

Sarah said...

Stacy...sadly we are no longer known for our cuisine and that is mainly our own fault. We have failed to keep our traditional dishes, to the forefront, preferring more exotic flavours and seem to be most famous for Fish & Chips!

You need to watch Gordon Ramsey on BBC America!

Sherri said...

I just love to hear a Brit speak!! I work with a guy originally from London and I really love his accent. You do have to watch our slang over here though because certain words here don't mean the same thing in England!! It keeps life interesting!