Finally some rain!

Well today we woke up to a lovely Oklahoma downpour, a very rare sight in these parts, in fact we can't actually remember the last rainy day we had here.

Not that I miss rain much, it's just coming from England you expect to see some rain every month and often quite a bit. I think since I moved here in 2005 I have only used an umbrella one time and the 2 I bought with me seems very excessive now.

Come to think of it, I can't remember ever seeing anyone I know here holding an umbrella - now that's strange for a Brit'! LOL


Carrie said...

Trust me.. move to Seattle, where you can enjoy rain most days of the year!

Oh and you know you're in Seattle 'cause it could be 20 degrees here (that's about -7 Degrees Centigrade for you and I!) and they're still wearing shorts and Birkenstocks.. and not a brolly in sight!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I bet it is a shock for you. I'm sure Carrie is right - you'd feel right at home in Seattle, from what I've always heard of that area of the Pacific Northwest (never had the luxury of visiting there yet, myself). I'm told that, like Britons, the natives don't carry umbrellas -just the tourists :)

We've had some rain here the last two days. My back yard is a mud slide :)

Have a wonderful day!