This woman is not 'Posh'

I was asked the other day if Victoria Beckham was from a really rich aristocratic family as she is so 'posh, successful and admired'? Once I had finished falling around laughing I realised it was a serious question and it occurred to me our accents are not known to you, in the same way I don't get the nuances of your accents.

So let me just assure you all......no Posh Spice is far from being posh in real life and Brit's can tell this the moment she starts talking. She is not from an aristocratic family and her whole family are what we would refer to as 'nouveau riche' i.e they propelled themselves up from nothing and made alot of money, but their accents, tattoo's and love of all things designer or bling give their true heritage away. The people with the old money who are actually posh, don't generally flash their money around, but have discreet class and understated taste & elegance.

Victoria pouted her way to fame with the Spice Girls despite rarely singing or smiling live and then married a naive world class soccer player, thereby guaranteeing herself endless wealth. She then went into a publicity overdrive re-inventing herself as a 'style icon' and annoyed the heck out of a legion of soccer fans by dictating her wonderfully talented husbands' career. As a result he is now, at an age when he should still be on the world soccer stage, signed to an unknown club in the only country in the world where soccer is not a national passion - a tragedy!

In the UK she is ridiculed, viewed as insanely ambitious with no discernable talent of her own and the Beckham's move to the USA was at the height of the UK public becoming mightily sick of seeing her in their newspapers every single day. In fact many comments were published online saying 'good riddance' and 'America your welcome to her'! Her often ludicrous fashions, ever present stiletto's, orange tan, miniscule size and a pair of breasts like over-inflated soccer balls (which she denies are fake!) - are still sneered at most days in the UK press.

So no Victoria Beckham is not posh, not generally loved by the British and certainly not missed by them......now the USA is blessed with her pretentious posing presence and witnessing her ongoing quest for world domination! She does however have the world's greatest bunions......


Carrie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog.. laughing my head off reading this post about "Posh"

I've lived in the US for ten years and everyone asks me "..so.what part of Australia are you from?" So it proves an interesting conversation when I explain that similar to the USA, Britain has an amazing collection of accents, albeit within a tiny little island.

I'm from West London and so friends comment.. "ah a cockney then?" Then I have to explain the differences in accents that you can hear just around our Capital..

Of course, by then, eyes glaze over so it's easy to say, Yep it's a London accent and leave it at that.

Suffice it to say, I don't speak like Victoria Beckham either and am not best pleased she followed you and I over the Pond! Ah well!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post :) She doesn't do a thing for me, or him either, for that matter. Neither do a handful of American "celebrities". They are ridiculous, a disgrace, and deplorable on so many levels. Sigh. I guess it's a worldwide phenomenon! :)

Sarah said...

Carrie happy to have you here...the Aussie thing - doesn't it just get on your tits! I mean seriously we sound nothing like an Aussie (I was from Chorleywood & Watford, so we probably sound pretty similar) and at first it really irritated me when I was asked 'are you Australian?'! Now I can feel hubby stepping back when someone asks me that...LOL!

Sarah said...

Stacy - it is a worldwide very sad fixation....and most of those you refer to are now 'friends' of the Beckhams!