Guess the celebrity train wreck?

Ok this shouldn't be too hard.......

1 - Fishnets full of holes

2 - Sans Bra!

3 - Underwear on display to the world, at least this time she has some on!

Yep - this is the train wreck formerly known as the fresh faced young star - Britney Spears!

And when is she going to invest in another pair of boots, every photo in the last few months have featured these scruffy looking boots and quite possibly the same fishnets too!

I actually feel terribly sorry for poor young Britney. She seems to have become the poster girl for the too much, too young adage. It seems obvious to the world she has some major mental health issues, in addition to some substance abuse problems and yet once again she is unleashed from rehab' in the same state in which she entered. Anyone who goes from dodging the world's loathsome paparazzi to thinking she is in love with one of their worst......obviously needs help! Her father may now have control of her fortune but he is a long way from regaining control of her life. Her parents are trying to help her, but she is surrounded by too many leeches trying to drag her down and profit from her fall.

I suggest we all include Britney in our prayers this week, she may not appear like she cares for them right now....but any day now this is going to turn into another celebrity tragedy, and that would be very sad.

We Brit's have our own sad version of Britney in Amy Winehouse. But finally her parents seem to have taken firm action, got her in rehab' and she appears to be pulling back from the abyss.

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