Grammy review

We thought the 50th Annual Grammy's was the best show for years. After all not many shows can combine Jerry Lee Lewis, Andrea Bocelli, Kanye West, the Foo Fighters, Cirque Du Soleil & Tina Turner successfully!

Some of the pairings were really entertaining - Beyonce & Tina Turner showed the boys how to do it, Alicia Keys & a holographic Frank Sinatra! We loved Vince Gill's quote of the night to the 'ever so slightly' egotistical Kanye West - "I just got an award given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye? - just kidding", that had Kanye looking sheepish and the audience rolling in the aisles!

I think they did a great job on showing the best of the last 50 years great music moments and blending it all successfully together. Some outfits were very dodgy....Stevie Wonder has an excuse, Aretha does not and looked like she should be floating out to sea somewhere!

The red carpet was beautiful to behold. The ladies really pushed out the boat with classical elegance and some fabulous jewel coloured gowns. Overall it was a great show, with lots of glamour, bling & retro-style successfully pairing superstars & young pretenders.


LongLegs48 said...

I, too, loved Tina Turner & Beyonce number --- it added lots of pizazz to the stage --- I thought Tina did quite well with the high-impact exercise as I know her age! :)

Jen said...

It was very cool to see Tina Turner back on stage again. She's a remarkable performer and is truly a legend.