JERICHO's back Tuesday on CBS - 9pm CET

We loved this show last year and were among the millions of fans that sent NUTS to CBS HQ to pressurize them to bring it back. Fan power won it a reprieve starting this Tuesday & once hooked it's compulsive viewing - so why not try it?

It's about a small town in Kansas that survives an all out encompassing nuclear attack on the USA. It follows the inhabitants fight for survival in a hostile world and their very messy private lives - great acting and well worth 25,000 tons of nuts to CBS!

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Vickie said...

DH is beyond happy that this is going to be on tonight! He's been able to watch as it comes on the same time I am taking Lady K upstairs for bath and bed, so I haven't really been following as closely. He gets Supernatural and Jericho. I get Bones. = )