Ladies propose yes...but marry!!

I don't mean generally of course....I mean marry on February 29th!

Today at school one of the students told me her uncle was getting married today, I laughed and said why on earth would you want to do that!! You'd only have an anniversary every 4 years?

The answer I got back "Well yes that's precisely why he wanted to get married today"

Ok I have to say right now if my fiance wanted to get married on a day that only happened every 4 years, that would be one big RED FLAG! I mean I am sorry, but if that's not declaring upfront you're a cheapskate and not the most romantic thinker, then what else does!

Personally you wouldn't see me for the dust.....

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, I agree! What woman in her right mind would only want to celebrate her wedding anniversary every four years? I mean, really, look at all of the "outs" you are giving your husband! On the same note, one of my friends from college got married on HER birthday. HELLO! I was like, boy, you are really making it easy for him, you should really have your birthday and anniversary separate! :)