Wacky Weather AGAIN!!

Brace yourselves Okies....it's another few days of everything the weather can throw at us all squeezed in tight by Tuesday!

Today - 11am and it's already 65, sunny and a bit windy... we are heading to a big fat 80 and 40mph wind gusts by this afternoon. Now that's my kind of weather....I grew up loving windy days in England, obviously I was always headed down a path to Oklahoma!!
There is however one downside. It's so darned dry out here, what that actually means is 40mph DUST gusts - not so good!

Sunday - expecting 58 and quite alot of RAIN....finally goodbye dust!

Monday - wait for it.........44 and SNOW - quite a bit apparently!!

Tuesday - back to 61 and sunny and a complete weather cycle in just 4 days will be ours.

Now if we can just throw in a tornado tomorrow and we'll have a full house of weather, life is never boring in OK, choosing clothing however is a challange!


Michelle said...


I can't get over the extremes that you have for weather. I don't think I could deal with it. LOL you can have it.

Tammy said...

Sunshine and sounds of melting here...Yahoo!!
That's country for I'm excited *wink*

It is supposed to get up to 50ยบ tomorrow...dancin' here....