Perils & Pleasures of Pre-K!

Today I am subbing for the local Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher and am now on my break before returning to finish the day.

It's been the usual mixture of a few tantrums, tears and alot of laughter and cuddles. The first hour was stressful whilst they 'tested' me out, but once I had shown them who was the teacher, they calmed down and have been pretty good. We even had a bit of a fight breakout at lunchtime because they all wanted to sit next to me, so I diplomatically sat in the middle...lol!

I enjoy doing the 'little ones', they come out with the cutest things....I just had one of the girls tell me "you say WALK real funny Ms Sarah"! Earlier one of the boys asked me if I came to the USA in a spaceship!!

So it's back to work to watch over them whilst they take a nap and then continue watching 'Finding Nemo' until the day ends. I think one of the cutest things you can ever hear is a roomful of 4 year olds with the giggles!

P.S....I know there will be a few of you back in the UK who have just fallen off your chairs in shock at all this schmaltz over little kids from me - people change ya know! ;-)

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Vickie said...

Hi spaceship lady! (that's just so sweet)
My Lady K will be five next month and is in pre-K. She only tolerated school when it was pre-school. Now that it's pre-K, practically big girl REAL KINDERGARTEN (this is how she says it, you can hear the all-caps), she loves going. She can't wait til fall.