Uh-oh temptation abounds!

Above is a picture of the ULTIMATE form of temptation in the form of Candy, for yours truly since childhood (which is a long time ago)!

I have already spotted them in Walgreens and given them an extremely wide berth, or just pretended they were a figment of my fertile imagination! Unfortunately unlike other imported candy bars from the UK, these taste just as good in the USA. Why oh why do these have to be one of the only exceptions to the general rule that American chocolate is just not as tasty!

I tried to search the Weightwatchers points value on the website, but they are not listed and I am not even sure they have nutritional information on that foil wrapper.

So in order to prevent my weightloss reading +26 as opposed to -26 in about 8 weeks.....PLEASE can someone tell me what the points value of a Cadburys Creme Egg is URGENTLY??

I can then plan to use a 1/3 of my flexies on them every week, as this is one temptation I ain't never beaten yet and am not about to now, so I'll just have to allow for them! ;-)


Redlady said...


I just did a search on the WW site and here's a link to a thread on the Cadbury eggs. I haven't had one in ages and you've got me thinking about them! My favorite chocolate is the Lindt Truffles and they are 2 points each...heavenly! That's what is nice about WW lifestyle...not the "D" word...you can eat what you like in moderation.



Sarah said...

Thanks Bonnie you're a star!

LOL my next fave chocolate is the Lindor Truffles as well....we have good taste my friend!

Sarah said...

Fantastic - 3pts each...totally possible to get a few in a week...lol!

Michelle said...


I went to the Hershey website and yes it is 3 points for 1 egg. I have LOVED these things since I was a child too, and for 3 points, I too will be having a few of these while they are around.

Cal. 150
Fat. 5g
Fiber. 0

Anonymous said...

3 points? Yes! There is a God!

Is it me Sarah, or are they half the size they used to be when we were kids in England? Either that or my palm has grown larger? Yep, that would explain it! Not!

Love them and try as I might the other eggs, like the Caramel ones, just don't compare.