Snippets from school....

I was subbing again today.

Now I still haven't managed to surpass the 'Did you get here on a spaceship' question from a Pre-K last week.....LOL!

But as with most of my interactions with the kids, there were a few interesting conversations and questions asked of me today:

  • If you were really important in England and then got really important over here, which country would you make switch to drive on the other side of the street?

I actually thought this was a well thought out question....after a few moments thought I replied England, as we are the exception to the general rule around the world.

  • Did you ever get stopped by the cops for being on the wrong side of the street here?

This came after I explained for the first 6 weeks here I was forever turning out on the wrong side. I explained 'no' because luckily I live in a smalltown and they just cut me some slack. Even after one particular day I was driving up the street towards a cop car (LOL!), but bless his heart, the Deputy just frantically waved me over, although I could see the whites of his eyes! Then there was the other time when I came up to the rail crossing on the same side as a little old lady in town and nearly gave the poor dear heart failure!

  • Do your cops carry guns in England, or is it still the funny stick thing?

LOL! I explained yes they still carry the truncheon (which caused much laughter) but we do have some armed Police in most towns now, who can be called in.

  • Are you considered regal?

Ok this one had me really laughing and I had to explain that kind of means you are royalty, so no I am not generally considered regal!!

We also had a minor incident with the word 'bond'....it only took 4 attempts of me saying it and finally some translation help from a student who said - 'ohhh she means BOND'!

Kindergarten tomorrow, always a rich source of entertaining questions and comments!


Vickie said...

Please post your day in Kindergarten. I love this age the best.

pamokc said...

hey sarah! this is hysterical. you might tell them that you drive on the left in england because back in the olden days, the knights needed the sword arm free in case some villains and highwaymen would try to attack them on the road. If someone could draw their sword, and most being right-handed, then they could defend themselves and their family.

kids would love a story like that! (this is the reason i heard of why the brits drive on the left instead of the right) ...