So ready for Spring!

Well it's another brisk 25 degrees here today at 1pm and I am just grateful I did not have to venture out for subbing. Once again the cats have meandered to the door, I've opened it and they have turned tail and headed for a warm closet or my lap. We are all so ready for Spring to arrive.

At least we are not surrounded by snow and ice, as in other parts of the country, some of the snowbound pictures I have seen on friends sites have been bone chilling - literally!

I am being a true Brit' and drinking lots of hot tea to keep my internal thermostat high, on the plus side at least alot of the tea is green and making me healthier!

2:30pm Update!..........and here comes the sun as we hit 30 degrees, thank goodness you can rely on the sun to make an appearance at some point most days :-)

Oh and I drugged the kitties with some Catnip, they were driving me nuts racing around from not getting to go outside....peace has descended once again!


pamokc said...

i'm ready for spring too! am so glad i stumbled onto your blog, it is really funny. my husband still struggles with being understood and he has been here almost 20 years. i feel like a certified english english interpreter.

anyway, i was going to send you a couple of websites about thyroid issues if you don't already have them. two sites really helped me, but i was the opposite of graves disease. www.realthyroidhelp.com and www.stopthethyroidmadness.com i got more information from these websites than i ever received from a doctor.

stay warm! i know where a brit party is taking place in march here in okc. interested?

Sarah said...

Hi Pam....thanks for the websites I will definitely check them out. And yes I would be interested in a Brit party in OKC. I think you also have the option to email me here, so just let me know :-)

Vickie said...

Sarah: You Catnap enabler! We have a Walkers Low Catmint in our back garden and the neighbor's two cats come over and roll around in it, flattening it. I love cats, just not my neighbor's two. No catmint this year, I'm thinkin'.
I am almost ready for spring. I love the snow we get, but I don't like the cold wind that sometimes shows. I did get out the High Country Garden and Wayside Gardens catalogs last night, happily dogearring pages of wishlist plants. Anxious to see which of my bulbs I planted last fall will show.