Subjects you don't want to get me started on....

Racism - always unacceptable
Cruelty to animals or children - utterly deplorable
High Sodium content in prepared foods - as bad as high fat
Smoking - why with all the overwhelming evidence and the cost?
Scientology & Tom Cruise - totally insane, totally scary!
Ricky Gervais - not funny and totally egotistical
Posh Spice - see below!
Not using sunscreen and tanning - the fastest way to age!
Mariah Carey - who admits they 'don't do stairs', the ego has landed!
Cheap thin toilet paper - distressing & often discovered too late!
Inflatable toilet seats - just ewwww!
Unprovoked rudeness - usually their the one with the problem!
Ignoring medical advice - then complaining when it backfires
Sienna Miller - famous for what exactly?!


Vickie said...

I'm with ya! Maybe not so much on Posh, I reckon. Don't give her too much thought. TC is a weird critter and I don't get Scientology at all.
I liked Gervais in Night at the Museum because I don't think he was acting in that. He was being his egotistical self.
Never understood the obsession with Mariah....shudder......
Road rage could be in there...along with the game we play 'Count how many idjits will run the red light on the left hand turn.....'

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great list, I'm with you on the majority of these :) Smoking and cruelty to animals and children are particularly strong ones for me...