Substitute teaching on Valentines Day....

I have one word for you.....DON'T!

Well not for the Pre-K little kiddies anyway.....I knew I was in trouble when their morning teacher delivered them with the warning ' they've been bouncing off the walls'!!

Talk about a sugar high....17 four & five year olds who'd already had way too much and then we had to give them more at their party...LOL! Oh they were okay, but they were also very hyper and very loud and I was very happy for 3:15 to arrive :-)

Tomorrow I have 4th graders, who will probably not have slept all night from being too wired and will therefore be comatose by 11am. I am hoping for an easier day!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, all of those kids trapped in one room, all on a sugar high. You have my deepest sympathies :)