This maybe controversial....

I'm just wondering whether these young celebrities actually think ahead, or of the example they are setting, when they cover whole area's of their bodies with tattoo's! I don't mean just the odd one here and there, I mean a whole arm, their neck, whole lower leg or large area's of their torso.

Personally having a tattoo is not something I have ever wanted. Having said that I have had pretty henna decorative tattoo's on my ankles, feet and wrists occasionally; right now I have a kit sitting next to me so I can do some on my feet this summer. The big difference being they are subtle and fade away within 2 weeks.

Certainly in the UK when I was a teenager or in my twenties, a tattoo was viewed as a very lower class thing to have done. But these days with all the major celebrities going in for it, the kids think it is so cool to have a tattoo. I have even had 4th graders tell me they'd like a tattoo for Christmas!! I really find that very scary and also think they are too young to fully understand the longterm ramifications.

Some people have maybe one tattoo in an area they can easily cover if needed, this is their choice and if you are going to have one, at least it's somewhere it can be hidden. Because I still believe even if they won't admit it in public, many people will make a certain judgement on someone if they see a tattoo. I know when I was responsible for recruitment as an HR Manager, I would have been put off if someone had shown to an interview with a visible tattoo. I am also very uncomfortable with tattoo's of naked busty women on men, and I am generally very openminded and not easily shocked. I wonder how these men would feel, if they had to stand next to a woman with a picture of a naked male private part on her!

I always cringe when I see some female star cruising elegantly down a red carpet in a beautiful gown, displaying tattoo's down her arms or across her back or neck - how can she think that's a classy look!?

But more than anything, I often wonder if they ever consider what they are going to look like in 30/40 years pushing a walker, with badly sagging and wrinkled tattoo's all over them! They seem to forget a tattoo is for life not just until it goes out of fashion. That's when I usually get the giggles as I look at some buff, toned celebrity torso covered in tattoo's....I think the rest of us will be the ones having the last laugh at their expense one day in the future!


Mary said...

Sarah, several years ago Saturday Night Live did a skit about 40 and 50 year old women and what their lower back tattoos (that they'd gotten as young women) looked like. It was very funny! I'm not a tattoo person and I just don't get the total body tattoos. I do know that business is booming for removal of tattoos!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I could not agree more. I don't know why they'd want to put that junk all over their body. It's just not me. I had a hard time getting one hole in each ear for an earring, so I guess you can't go by me :)

Michelle said...

Sarah, I agree with you too. My sister-in-law is one of those people that have many tattoos. She has her entire name across her lower back (why? I have no idea), she also has her name and my brothers name along with a dove and the date they were married on the back of her neck. Not to mention a HUGE sun on the calf of her leg,a vine around her ankle, something on the inside of her wrist and my brothers name on her wedding ring finger. YIKES, I think that is a little much!! My brother has a couple but nothing too noticeable. I on the other hand don't have tattoos. I have a small nose piercing and a navel piercing. Which I, in my own opinion,think are better. They can both be easily removed and no one would even know they were there.