Things that make me feel very old....

...hearing this week was the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's ground breaking 'Thriller' album being released!

I can still remember trying to learn to moonwalk after seeing the 'Billie-Jean' video and his show stopping performance at the Grammy's that year with the one white glove! Then watching the stunning 12 minute video of 'Thriller' the single and trying to get the amazing ghoulish dance moves right.....LOL

Then I went to see him in concert at Wembley Stadium when I was just 22 and I still remember that like it was yesterday.......not 20 yrs ago! (shakes head sadly)


Carrie said...

Well, what a rare delight to stumble on a fellow Brit's blog and see all those lovely 'u' spellings proudly displayed.

Though I can't credit my good self for finding you 'cause a friend gave me your link (she's book blogger and fellow WW online community pal..and well.. too involved - you're probably snoring as I type!!)

So..I went to see Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium back in July of 1988 and I'd like to say I was a mere teen, but sadly I was 25 back then, so now feel really, really old reading that "Thriller" is celebrating 25 years.. good grief!

Well, I'll keep any eye on your blog and just love the Brit words. Ah... "Bob's your Uncle" - is there a better phrase out there, I wonder?! Doubt it!


Sarah said...

Carrie, it sounds like we may have gone to the same concert LOL, as mine was in 1988 too!

Yes Bob's your uncle is an all time classic but there are some great one's coming next week too!

Nice to have you pop in and comment :-)