Belated Honeymoon to Colorado Springs!

We have booked a belated 'honeymoon' vacation to Colorado Springs in June!

We may have got married in Dec' 05, but at the time we had family here and had just bought and moved into our new home. Since then what with renovations, UK guests, both being self-employed, my health being dodgy for the past year etc......well we never got around to a honeymoon - until now :-)

We will head to Colorado the day before my birthday and spend a week there; it will be about a 7 hour drive out through the OK Panhandle, New Mexico and into Colorado. We are staying just outside the city in a modern hotel with an outdoor pool,a view of Pikes Peak and a Sushi bar nearby!

For the Brit's that don't know the area, it's a very popular vacation spot here and has some wonderful places to visit including Pikes Peak (the edge of the Rockies), The Garden of the Gods, The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Seven Falls, Boulder closeby and Colorado Springs itself for 'SHOPPING', eating and entertainment.

This is the kind of vacation spot that we both love. Lots of amazingly stunning natural scenery and outdoors things to do, combined with a big city for entertainment and retail therapy! We are both really looking forward to it and the Hubster has gone to bed with the parting shot of "I'll leave you to drool over it all" !

So if you have been there, have tips on where to eat, essential things to do/see, or you just want to tell me how wonderful it is there - then please comment for me.


pamokc said...

OMG, we loved Colorado Springs. Great choice, and easy to get there from where you are in the world! I'm entirely jealous. Haven't been out of town in a year now!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, I'm no help, but Colorado is some place we want to visit, so I'm really looking forward to reading about your trip when you go this summer. I know you guys will have a wonderful time, happy belated honeymoon! :)

Vickie said...

I am so glad you are choosing C Springs. In the local area are some very cool towns, my favorites Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. Manitou Springs is a big draw for folk in search of mystical qualities, just a neat town all the way around. Old Colorado City is a neat town and if you like Mexican food, visit Henri's. Link http://old-colorado-city.com/
Garden of the Gods is very close and there is the legendary Red Rocks up in Morrison. Link http://www.redrocksonline.com/index.asp
I work in north Boulder and I agree that it is a neat place to shop, especially on Pearl Street. My two favorites were High Crimes Mystery Bookstore, but she is closing her doors on 15 Mar. The other cool spots are the Boulder Artist Co-op and The Peppermill. http://www.boulderdowntown.com/
Celestial Seasonings Tea has their home in Boulder, Crocs home is Niwot, next town from Boulder.... and mystery authors love this area.

I love living here. Let me know when you will be here and maybe we can shoot for a face to face.

kate said...

There is a small town just north of there that is known for its casinos-Cripple Creek. I haven't been there for a few years but it was great!

Mary said...

Sarah, you will have a wonderful vacation in CO. My sister lives in Denver (Aurora, actually) and I want to visit her again in the next year or so. It's been over 10 years since our last trip there! At any rate, the area you plan to visit is gorgeous! Vickie will be a great resource, I'm sure : )

Douglas said...

Google "bucksnort saloon" and go there. It's worth the 45 mins drive NW of the Springs.

Douglas said...

Maybe ~2 hours: http://snipurl.com/csprings2bucksnort