F1 fanatics start your engines please!

The clip below is why for the next 8 months we will get up in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn every other Sunday.

We're not just fans, we are fanatics; just ask my poor Mum who mails me the best F1 magazine out there from the UK every month! Finally tomorrow after a VERY long 4 month hiatus, the sweet sound of F1 engines flying around a track in Practice Session-1 of the Australian Gran Prix will be back on Speed TV.

Crazy I know....but we all have our thing and these 2 guys and their British team are ours....and there is no sound sweeter than an F1 engine accelerating!

So as you go to sleep at 11:30pm cet Saturday, we will both be on the edge of the sofa, volume pumped to the max, hearts racing as the lights come on and the 2008 season gets underway for the absolute ultimate in motor-racing - Formula 1.....

Gooooooooo LEWIS....Heikki & McLaren!

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