Boy Wonder still rules!

Lewis 'the boy wonder' Hamilton, has taken Pole Position for the Australian GP tomorrow in style....he's a Brit', he's a Superstar and 2008 will be his year.

Fernando 'the whinger' Alonso didn't even make the final qualifying session and starts from 12th on the grid...so gutted for him - NOT!

Kimi 'the Iceman' Raikkonen, current World Champ' had an engine failure and starts from 16th.

McLaren in P1 and P3....we are off to bed smiling and will be counting down to 11:30pm tomorrow night. Traction control and Electronic Braking are gone, there's alot more slipping, sliding and excitement....once they actually start racing chaos could reign!

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pamokc said...

Yay for Hamilton. As John said, it proves the naysayers wrong. He is a very high powered star and talent. As you can guess, we stayed up and watched the qualifying too. Can imagine that I will be filtering many comments your way over the course of the season! And that cheat Alonso can just get over himself.

My favorite part of Formula One: Announcer David Hobbs. He has the quintessential British humor (humour) and keeps me in stitches.