Brit' Word of the Day....

The BWOTD today is also a bit of an institution across the pond!

“ We are off to a car boot sale on Sunday”

‘Car Boot Sale’ = Brit' equivalent of a Garage Sale!

It has nothing to do with boots at all, because we refer to the trunk of a car as ‘the boot’!

As for what it is…well doing it your way is a whole lot less hassle and more convenient. In the UK organisers will rent a farmers field or a car park off a main road, then they will rent spaces to cars in it for about $10-20 each.

You then pack up everything you have to sell in your car and drive it out to the aforementioned field, pay your fee, park up and empty the contents of your car onto a table and start selling.

The other downside to this is they start at 7am on a Sunday morning generally (an inhuman time on a Sunday) and you literally have potential buyers helping you unload they’re so keen! Oh and of course the weather is a huge factor in the UK as it’s outdoors.

You then have to cart everything you don’t sell home again, trust me the way you do it here is far better. But I guess we just don’t have the room on our narrow streets for loads of cars to start parking outside homes, like you do here.

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Linda said...

I love your BWOTD. I've visited England 5 times but rarely know the meaning of your BWOTD. I knew "wellies" are walking boots. My DH enjoys walking on the public foot paths. We love attending the car "boot sales" in open fields and "tabletop sales" in the town halls, of the small towns and villages. We are making plans for our 2008 trip. I will be looking for tea trios at these special sales!