Brit' Boys taking over US TV!

Well it's a great time for male Brit's on TV over here right now.

First of all Len Goodman is back on Dancing with the Stars Monday night as a judge, with his 'luvverly' London accent and funny Brit' words and phrases. I always enjoy this show, despite not knowing the majority of the chosen celebrities, it's just glamour and a laugh all rolled into one slick package.

I am going off topic here for a second (so I can post the above pic for the ladies!), so just indulge us....the big disappointment this season though is sexy Maksim and his naked chest will be absent, how could they do that to the female population?!?!

Okay back to the male Brit' invasion........

This is followed by a new season of The Bachelor, which I swore I'd never watch again after last season's "I choose nobody' farce with Brad. But they went and pulled the dirty on me by choosing a British Bachelor, Matt Grant (anyone know any dirt on him?) and so I am going to at least have to watch tonight just to suss out whether he really is as 'posh' as he sounds!

Then if you switch to BBC America and 'Top Gear' after 8pm cst, you will be treated to Jeremy Clarkson, a legend in his own lifetime and particular fave of mine. Jeremy epitomises the phrase 'true British eccentric' and fronts my all time favourite Brit' show!

Gordon Ramsay is back in Hell's Kitchen on Tuesday night, another personal fave of mine and someone I really didn't like until I moved here. Both the Hubster and I are now big fans of Gordon and all the mad bleeping out that ensues on the squeaky clean TV here!

Jeremy Paxman has moved in on Friday nights now on BBC America with Newsnight. He is another Brit' TV legend and has been known to make grown politicians and world leaders beg or cry for mercy, with his relentless interview style.

Quite bizarrely Jamie Oliver has popped up as a judge on Oprah's new Sunday night show, 'Oprah's Big Give' which has nothing to do with cooking? Bearing in mind he is a celebrity chef, I am not sure how he managed to get this gig with the Queen of US TV herself!

Then we have the leader of the Brit' invasion himself - Simon Cowell on Tuesday, Wednesday and soon Thursday with American Idol, who incidentally sounds just like my brother when he speaks, which freaks me out a little! American women seem to find our Simon really sexy, which bemuses me with all his tight t-shirts and high waisted pants!

But then Ryan Seacrest is no match for the duo below, who really knew how to make Simon squirm on the Brit' version of AI and look less macho.....

America - I give you Ant' & Dec' who surely have to be the next big Brit' exports to US TV, although I'm not sure you'd understand their Geordie accents! The day they arrive I will be almost as happy as the day 'Top Gear' came on BBC America. It's really sad, but I can't believe how much I miss Ant' & Dec'......c'mon Simon if you can bring us Cat Deeley (!!) surely you can get these boys over here.

Lookout America, the Brit's Boys have arrived on a TV near you!


Expatmum said...

If you come across Ant and Dec let them know I can give them a few lessons on how to round out the Geordie accent for Americans. "Howay hinnie" just doesn't translate too well!

pamokc said...

Sarah! OMG we soooo watch the same programs!

Len Goodman -- love me some Len. He is such a hoot and I wish they would let him talk more! And what! No Maxsim? I hadn't heard that one. I mean really, what's the point of watching now?

The Bachelor -- I was with you totally about last season, but this guy looks adorable, so I am already on the hook for this year. I will have to ask my London niece if she has any scoop on him. ;)

Jeremy Clarkson -- I have developed a bizarre obsession with this man and the others on Top Gear. Plus I found out he lives near Chipping Norton, which is another obsession of mine to discuss another time. He is totally hilarious. I am sure it is only a matter of time before the Americans do a rip-off version of this show.

Gordon Ramsay -- he's not my favorite but he is always watchable. My fave of his is Hell's Kitchen (as opposed to his BBC America shows). He would reduce me to tears in about 2 seconds flat. But like Simon, he's always right about what he says!

Jeremy Paxman -- I know nothing of him and have missed anything so far of him. John says he had some sort of nervous breakdown recently? Just don't know enough to comment.

Jamie Oliver -- "quite bizarely" is right! What's he doing hooked up with Oprah (obviously he hit the gold mine there!) Maybe she just had to have the obligatory British judge on her show to compete with everyone else!

Simon Cowell -- Still my favorite. I caught him from show #1 on AI and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Love love love me some Simon.

Ants & Dec -- were you here for Season #1 of American Idol? There was another guy paired with Ryan who disappeared by Season #2. I think they were trying to get this kind of chemistry going on but it didn't pan out obviously. I have seen them slightly on English TV, but not enough to have an opinion.

But you forgot one of my new faves:
Piers Morgan! I love LOVE him on The Celebrity Apprentice and his fued with Omarosa. Hilarious! He was also a very good judge on America's Got Talent. I think he is universally hated in England though since he was an editor of a tabloid.

Cheers for now!

BritGal' Sarah said...

PAM...LOL! It's probably a good thing we're not on each others doorsteps!

Actually I didn't forget Piers, but as he is not on at the moment (or am I wrong), I left him off. I don't mind him, he's a newspaper Editor in the UK, but yes he's not terribly popular.

I know what you'll be watching and recording tonight then!

pamokc said...

Piers is in the final four of the Celebrity Apprentice. Also in the final four is Lennox Lewis! I think this week, they eliminate two so I expect the Brits to go myself. I don't know how many episodes are left of this show, maybe one or two is all!

BritGal' Sarah said...

I once worked with a girl who was dating Lennox Lewis! He used to send her the most amazing flowers.

pamokc said...

what? what? she was dating lennox lewis? OMG! **swoon** he OUGHT to have been good for some gifts! i have really liked him on this show -- you don't normally get to see his personality. we always had to stay up late to watch his fights.