First success with seeds....

My Hubster eats 2 jars of Salsa a week - HE IS a Salsa Addict!

He started making his own fiery concoction but with the cost of tomatoes, it's cheaper to buy it at the rate he eats it. So we have decided we need to grow our own tomatoes to solve this problem and then we can do some bottling and have a year round supply! We already have 'his' perfect hot Salsa recipe good to go.

I have tried to grow them here before, but the year I tried we had a drought and hardly anyone around here got a crop, so I was slightly put off.

Anyway I bought some seeds and a little sprouting box and planted them a week ago. Yesterday we woke up to find tomato plants sprouting all over :-)

Next I have to give them a little sun and in a few days thin them out and then transfer them to individual pots to grow on. We did have some wonderful old tomato cages from the previous owner of our house, but last year I sold them after the previous failure!

If you have any good tomato plant tips, please share them so I can grow a healthy crop and keep the Hubster in Salsa!


Expatmum said...

How funny. My hubby is from Little Rock, of Texan stock and I have to buy the huge flagons of salsa from Cosco.
I tried to grow toms a few years ago but we spend at least a month in England every summer so they don't get the attention they need. You've put the thought into my head that I might try again this summer. We are still below freezing here In Chicago so I can't even think about the garden yet!

Anonymous said...

I was named "Queen of the tomato growing" at one time...however then I met the tomato worm..the most hideous creature you ever did see. It even bit its way out of the kids bug box.

Talk to the toms or babble..mine loved it! Maybe it was the english accent?

NO more toms for me!


Vickie said...

I plant tomatoes the way Granma Violet did. Dig the hole, plunk the tomato plant up to the top most offshoot, gives the plant stronger base to hold more tomatoes. Hydrate each plant with water mixed with Epsom salt (half cup of Epsom Salt per gallon of water), give each plant about a quart each.