"Normal service has been resumed"

These were the words the McLaren team said over the radio to Lewis Hamilton, as he took the chequered flag to win the Australian GP.
Lewis put on a wonderful display of skilled driving and avoided the total chaos happening behind him. Ferrari lost both cars to reliability issues and the podium was shared by McLaren, BMW and Williams, with an excellent 3rd spot for young Nico Rosberg.

The race was constant action and excitement from start to finish and bodes well for many thrilling races in 2008. Now we can't wait for the first 'wet' race, because if 15 cars can fail or crash in the dry, rain is going to cause utter chaos!

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Rurality said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog.

Second, I can't tell you how glad I am to see another F1 fan blogger!

We taped this race & watched it this morning. I couldn't believe they had so few people finish! It was a pretty exciting race though.

I am not a huge Hamilton fan... I find him too smirky. :) My husband likes him a lot though. He is a good driver. I was glad to see Heidfeld & Rosberg on the podium. Felt really bad for Bourdais!