Brit' Word of the Day....

Us Brit's are very good at coming up with alternative words to say in company, that describe the more graphic bodily acts and functions!!

Today I will deal with the most common things a Brit's will say in the place of the word sex, or two consenting adults doing things that might lead to it! Basically all the following would mean only one thing when said to a Brit'......

'Rumpy Pumpy'

'Hanky Panky'

'Slap & Tickle'

'On the job' (if in the right context)


'Roger' (this can have 'ing' or 'ed' as an ending)



So if you're the hairdresser to a Brit', be very careful when you discuss their bangs with them!


Karla (Grace) said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

oooh it's all just sauce with you isn't it!!!!!