Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD is actually more a lesson in a particular item of popular clothing.

Here you call this item a Sweater, but of course us Brit's have more than one word to cover this, as we do most things!

So here are other words we commonly use for Sweater:

Jersey - also a small island off the UK and a breed of Cow
Jumper - and I have no idea why!
Pullover - because you pull it over other things and your head!
Cardie/Cardigan - sweater with buttons and a lovely Bay in Wales
Polo neck - known as a Turtle neck here

So all I need to tell you now, is the FAVE place to buy a great value, decent sweater/jumper/jersey/pullover/polo neck/cardie in the UK is Marks & Sparks (aka: M&S) (aka: Marks & Spencer) (do you see a trend here with Brit's and names?!) and you are all set for your shopping trip in the UK!


pamokc said...

Oh let me tell you, that jumper thing has caused lots of confusion for me over the years. To us, a jumper is sort of an over-dress that you would need to wear a blouse underneath. And of course, the Brits say it like "jumpah" which just confuses us more. My sister-in-law said once that she is so English that she was born with a cardigan.

BritGal' Sarah said...

And I have no idea where 'jumper' comes from, such a strange thing to call them!

LOL at your SIL, that's kind of the typical view of an English lady - cardie/twinset & pearls!

t town tommy said...

We also call a "jumper" some one who leaps off of tall structures to their death. So I can see how that can cause some confusion.

Expatmum said...

Also "gansie" which my gran used to say. I think it's a derivation of Guernsey, which is a specific type of sweater.

pamokc said...

WOW, I am very interested to hear more about Gansey. **BECAUSE** that is a family name on my mother's side and was even my grandfather's middle name. We've been a little weak on that family search line but to see that word pop up today was interesting. hmmmmmm.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Ok now I am digging deep into my memory here, but I am pretty sure Guernsey (also a Channel Island like Jersey) was a term used for a particular type and style of sweater fisherman wore, it even had a slightly oily coating I think to repel water!

As I say that's far back in the recesses of my memory!