Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD is one of my fave phrases and a 2-parter:

"You are such a jammy git!"

'Jammy' = lucky
'Git' = is kind of a slightly insulting but friendly term for a person!

Hard to define but you would use it if somebody had won the lottery, or won a Plasma TV in a competition for example. So a 'jammy git' would be a term you would use if a friend had won something great, you were slightly jealous but still pleased for them. If I happen to say this to you there is no reason to be insulted - honest!

'Git' does not mean 'get along' like it does in the USA, so careful how you use it when around a Brit'....LOL!


Expatmum said...

I don't know whether it's just my family but "git" was never an acceptable word. I still don't think I would say it to my mother!

Housewife Savant said...

Lookit that; blogger allows me to SEARCH your posts, making you my personal British Dictionary.
I'm gonna look up all the words from Harry Potter.
I like git.

The Friday Joker said...

I believe that 'git' was originally an abbreviation of 'whore's begat' though I could be wrong.

Ha ha ha, my word verification is 'bling'.