Home Inventory....

We have just doubled our Home Contents Insurance, something that's a good idea in Oklahoma with all the tornado's and wildfires!

We have obviously had insurance all along but nowhere near enough, so with storm season upon us we decided it was time to get our house in order quite literally. After meeting our insurance agent over the weekend and being told we needed a full home inventory with pictures and if possible video, I have made this my project for the week. And let me tell you - it's quite a task!

I found this great FREE downloadable Home Inventory program here from the Insurance Information Institute and it makes the whole thing very easy. It guides you through the process and allows you to add rooms, items, pictures and scanned receipts, as well as descriptions and values for everything.

Having seen a home in OKC with the roof sucked off and everything sucked out on the news today, it just highlighted the need for me to do this.

It's only when you start cataloging everything you own you realise how much you have! So if you have home contents insurance but don't have an inventory, do you even have pictures to prove what was in your home or receipts? If not you might also want to think about getting this done to safeguard your possessions.

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