Decisions, decisions!

I am off to the hairdresser in the morning to get my colour done and as you can see this is a constantly changing decision for me! Above is funky streaky golden me!

I have been colouring my hair for about 30 years and I guess the problem is with my colouring I can go a few ways.....but whichever way I go, I always change it the next time....and hubby doesn't help as he always says 'I like it - however'.....urgh!

And now we are in Spring, it's sunnier (well snowy actually but I'm optimistic) and therefore I feel the need to be blonder, no logic to explain this, it just always happens as the weather improves. The picture above is me pretty close to my natural shade, not bad, but a bit mousey which is more 'serious minded' me!

Right now my hair is pretty close to natural with a bit more red and I do like it, plus I don't have too much regrowth. I see women with wonderful red tones in the Fall/Autumn and think 'oh I need to be auburn to match the foliage'!!

But this is the 'real' me....a true light blondie. When I am this blonde I feel it epitomises 'me' better, it makes me feel sassy, exuberant and fun......the 'Sharon Stone' me!

I guess I am going back to blonde land, I may lose a few brain cells in the process but the rewards are so worth it! LOL ;-)


Vickie said...

I like the top picture, but if number 3 makes you feel sassy, exuberant and Sharon Stone-y, then go for it! I am all for sassy and exuberant and I like Sharon Stone's style.
It's about time to add some sunshine to my blondeness.....

Tammy said...

I just went two shades lighter...too much gray showing up...arggg...I may be a Nanny but I don't want be a gray Nanny yet!

Mine looks more or less the shade I had as a toddler which they say is the best bet.

I love your blonde (last picture) self!

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks good blonde! But then, I am perhaps biased as I'm a blonde (naturally).