Magnolia & Squirrel Care 101

Train your pets to help out around the garden, by keeping precious plants warm on days they are allowed out from the garage in winter....the plant that is!

This is my second attempt to grow a traditional Dutch Magnolia Tree here in windy Oklahoma. The first I planted straight into the garden and then we had a drought and it was a goner. So this time I have kept it in this tub of enriched garden soil for a year now and will leave it until summer 2009 to get well-established, before I plant it in the yard.

Since winter began we have kept it dormant in the garage and just rolled it our on sunny warm days and watered it. I am now being rewarded with new furry buds and things are looking hopeful.

We also have a tame neighbourhood Squirrel who has visited us all winter long for nourishment. His feeding box is on the Cottonwood tree opposite the kitchen window and he always makes me smile as he ducks in and out of the food.

But as you can see, my girls have also developed a certain fondness for our future Magnolia tree and our tame Squirrel and give them plenty of TLC and attention too!


Sherri said...

Sarah, I hope your Dutch Magnolia makes it this year! I think it is grand of you to keep trying!! Glad the kitties are helping out keeping the tree warm. Good luck

Mary said...

I hope the tree thrives this year. Good luck! I love the cat pics : )

Lesley Bonney said...

Your cats look sweet; I have two and they have a blog, haha! It's fun if a bit whacky ... links on Anything Goes. I've been to Oklahoma a couple of times to see friends (Ponca City) - very different to Uk as in the middle of no where. No trains. Nearest big places were 2 hours either way I think ...Tulsa City being one. Great experience though!

Roland Hulme said...

Okay, your cats are officially awesome.