I keep getting the evil eye!

Our cats are indoor cats, but allowed out in the yard when we're here as it is fully fenced.

Well at about 2:15am this morning I realised I hadn't seen Sukie (the blue eyed babe) for a few hours and went to investigate, as she usually sleeps between us.

I was suddenly horrified as I realised I had forgotten to let her back indoors earlier in the evening! I scuttled to the back door to find her pressed against it waiting for her forgetful Mum to let her back in. She came in at lightening speed and proceeded to run around highly disconcerted for the next 15 minutes.

She had been left outside for 7 hours bless her heart! As Hubster pointed out, she was probably scared of all the different night noises.

Normally every morning she is hassling to go out, not today...LOL. She did not go out despite the door being open for an hour and now she has, keeps returning regularly just in case!

I feel like a very bad mother :-(

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Kris said...

Poor thing! I am a HUGE cat lover, but unfortunatly I will probably never get to have one as I'm allergic and my husband doesn't like them. I have to keep content by reading about other people's cats!