Neck needs a break!

Not literally, but after my 2nd chiropractor appointment in 2 days, I have decided I need to stay off the PC for 24 hours as he seems to have me fixed and I don't want to re-aggravate it.

So please excuse me until Saturday when I will be back to blog.

I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter, I have pushed the boat out and allowed myself 2 Creme Eggs for this weekend in celebration!


Laura Parish said...

Hi Sarah,

Happy Easter to you too.
I hope the neck gets better. Doesn't sound good.


Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Sarah! That's not good news. I hurt my neck during the week too and after some cracking and pushing from the Chiropractor I am back on track too. I wonder if mine was from excess computer usage too haha! Maybe I should stay away :)

Jessica_in_Rome said...

Happy Easter to you! Enjoy those creme eggs, I miss them SO much (right up there with Peeps). Not to say Italy doesn't have good candy, but I definitley miss the Cadbury stuff. LOL. Have fun!