School Snippets #3...

Well I thought I had escaped lightly the past 2 days until the 3rd grade (9 yr olds) just showed up for class. Word has obviously spread in the Grade school that I am substituting and they were well prepared for me!!

When it was obvious they were too excited to settle down quietly, I decided to allow them some time to question me. When I said any questions for me, all 15 put their hands up - just a tad overwhelming!

Here are the choice questions and comments of this hour, keep in mind they have been watching the Julie Andrews version of Mary Poppins.....

This is my stern British Substitute Teacher look!

"WOW you sound so cool!"
"Are you speaking Irish?"
"Are you speaking British?"
"If I go to England will I be able to speak British?"
"Did you live in a castle?"
"Have you met Robin Hood or been to his forest?"
"Is your laptop from England?"
"Have you been to Scotland"
"Do you drive on the left side of the road?"
"Do you drive the same cars as us?" When I told them we don't have Pickups they were pretty shocked and horrified...lol!

"Did you bring your car from England?"
"Are you're clothes from England?"
"Will you teach us to speak British too?"
"Do you have McDonald's in England"
"My Dad's castle is in England" LOL!!
"Can you speak Irish?"

"Have you got a King and Queen?"
"Why haven't you got a King?"
"Have you met the Queen?" I would be rich if I had a cent/penny for everytime I have been asked this!
"Do you know what 'Queen' is in English?" !!

"You sound just like Mary Poppins!" (too funny as I definitely do not!)

Then we all had a sing-a-long to 'Supercalifragilistic' and Chim' Chiminee Cheroo - not at all sure on the spelling!!

Before they left I taught them the British word 'chuffed' and I could still hear them shouting it at each other as they crossed the yard....lol


Anonymous said...

You must have been chuffed to get rid of that class full of questioners. LOL By the way - HAVE you met the Queen? (sorry, just trying to add another cent to your coffers).

BritGal' Sarah said...

No I haven't Karla, although my family did get a 'direct' wave from her carriage during the procession to the Houses of Parliament Opening years ago. We were standing on our own and she turned and waved at us. :-)

dabrah said...

Hi Sarah, What fun! All those questions. Kids are so cute.
By the way, the snow didn't have time to make anything grind to a halt since it didn't settle on the roads (I'm relieved to say, I had to take the bunny to the vet). Our windy country road gets quite scary when it's icy or covered in snow.

Sherri said...


Wow, I would have been really overwhelmed with all those questions too! They were so cute though. We have a guy from London working at my office and believe it or not the people I work with ask him just as many questions as your little third graders!!!


Michelle said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLL, cute, Sarah! I bet the kids just love you! I know everyone loves hearing Craig talk, too, when they come into his work! He's kinda chuffed about it now as opposed to how he was at first. (Did I use that right??? LOLLLLLLL)

Btw, been meaning to ask you. DID you ever meet the Queen???? (lol!) M.

Tammy said...

Raising hand....

Have you ever met Princess Di?

Have you ever "seen" her before she passed away?

Have you been to her grave site??

I loved the Princess, may she rest in peace....

Vickie said...

Yes, how can one be considered a civilized nation if they do not drive pickups....