Touching and funny.....

We went to the cinema Saturday night and as we have Netflix, we only tend to do this if we really want to see a movie or it’s better on the big screen. On the strong recommendation of some friends, we handed over our dollars to see ‘The Bucket List’.

It stars an aging, heavier but still irresistibly charming Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman a wonderful character actor, who I personally think has the best speaking voice on the planet. It’s about the relationship these men develop sharing a hospital room and terminal cancer and the way they choose to spend their last few months of life.

Not only was it very moving in parts, but it also made the whole cinema rock with laughter. Both the acting and the storyline were great, and the whole premise of going out with a bang having done all you wanted in life, is an appealing one to most of us.

We have seen alot of the latest movies out on DVD the past few months and we both agreed this was the best of all of them. You will need tissues; not just for the laughter but also the tears….it’s a movie about life and really grasping it firmly by the neck!

If you get the chance go see it, and enjoy both the humour and the message.


Chellie said...

I'm definitely going to go see it now!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I have this in the Save section of my Netflix queue. The hubby wants to go see Vantage Point at the theater before it's gone. I prefer to wait and watch them at home, unless they're really "big, big screen" kind of movies.

Great review, can't wait to see this one :)

Mary said...

Sarah, thanks for the review. Tim (DH) wants to see it so I guess we better get there before it's gone. We also have Netflix but this sounds like a fun one to see on the big screen.

Vickie said...

Thankin' you for the review. I love the actors and I concur on Morgan Freeman's voice. Just so velvety.
I am looking forward to seeing this. We will have to wait for DVD, we don't go out much for flicks without Lady K, who is soon to be 5. Not as interesting to her. Now The Waterhorse, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pirates of the Caribbean, that's entertainment for her.