All very thought provoking...

There is alot of speculation at the moment as to whether an organ transplant can result in something of a 'soul/personality' transplant.

This has been brought into the public arena this week after a very tragic case of a 69 year old man from Georgia, USA. He received the heart of a man who had committed suicide by shooting himself. After recovering he sought out the widow of the man and described how he instantly fell passionately in love with her on sight and drawn to her. They ended up marrying and Sonny appeared happy and settled. But then tragically with no sign of depression leading up to it, he also took his own life with a gun! You can read more on this amazing story and research into this subject here

There is also another personal experience story on the same site here from a woman who received the heart of an 18 year old boy and then developed his tastes, which were totally contrary to hers before the transplant. I also took the time to read through readers comments and there were a few more similar cases in there.

This whole issue is actually the subject of scientific research here and in China, although many Dr's dismiss it, it seems more and more are coming out and saying it's possible. Scientists and medical experts freely admit the last mystery of the human body they have not unlocked yet is the mind and conscious thought.

Anyway I found both these articles very thought provoking and intriguing. I am a firm believer in the human soul and spirit going on after death, so the thought that they are imprinted on our bodies organs in not entirely unbelievable to me.

Just a totally fascinating concept and I guess it may have implications for transplants in the future, if it's ever proved or strong evidence is found to support this theory.


Anonymous said...

There is a man in our church who had a heart transplant just a little over a year ago. His personality hasn't changed a bit - according to his wife. I've always wondered about this topic. It's all very interesting.

Lynne said...

This topic is covered some in the book I just read - CHANGE OF HEART by Jodi Picoult. In the book, a young girl is given the heart of the man who murdered her father and sister.

Douglas said...

My brother recently donated a kidney. He doesn't seem to have less personality.

Linda said...

We have a friend who had a kidney transplant and shortly after started craving cherry coca-cola. He never had one before the transplant. He is convinced his donor was adicted to cherry cokes!