Yeehaw Rain at last!

You may think that header is nuts, but then you have probably had more rain than we have in the past 6 months. Little did I know I was moving to the desert when I moved here!

I kid you not - I think all we have accumulated out here in 6 months is about 3 inches and that may well be an over-estimation!

Well I woke up to distinct dampness on the pavement, although the rain guage had not moved yet, but we have a 70% chance for storms today and I already hear the distant rumbling of thunder. :-)

You may be thinking what's she smiling for - storms in tornado alley! Well most of us are beyond the point of caring anymore out here, we JUST WANT RAIN however we can get it. Having checked the NWS (National Weather Service) site though, we are at risk of flooding (big YEEHAW) and not tornadoes.

.....Off out to do a raindance in the back yard (clothed!)

09:50 UPDATE > IT's RAINING :-)

12:55 UPDATE > Just had a power outage for 2 hrs after lots of lightening, but the best news is now over a half inch of rain and it's still chucking it down :-) Off to clean whilst I have power!

THURSDAY UPDATE > Just over an inch in total :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the unfortunate thing about living in the area you live in - not as much rain as we get here in the central portion.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah for the rain! Boo on any bad weather though. We're in the same boat here. Last year was so incredibly dry and we were well below where we should be for rainfall. I think the rain you're getting today will come our way late Thursday or Friday - they're saying 70 or 80 percent chance for us on Friday - my day to run errands. Ugh. :)