Attack of the Allergies

When I first got here I was asked regularly by the locals if I suffered from 'Allergies', to which I responded "no, never have". Their very encouraging response was almost always "give it time, I never did either until I moved here"!

I moved here in October 2005 and I breezed through the following spring still happily allergy free and defending my drip-free nose confidently against the pessimistic locals.

Last spring things were not quite so hunkydory and my left eye finally succumbed to pressure and expectation. But it was a lone dissenter and all I needed were eye drops occasionally to keep it in line.

Spring 2008 rolls in, on the back of a drought for about 6 months and all hell has broken loose in my nasal passages. Yep the dreaded infamous Okie allergies have finally dragged this particular Brit' under kicking and screaming!

It started last Monday with a scratchy throat, developed by mid-week into a nasal drip, by the weekend the watery eyes were in place and by Sunday the sinus headache and cough. I have now admitted defeat, waved the white flag and started on the Allegra medication.

Today, if you didn't know better, looking at me you'd think I have a cold...but it's not, as allergies do leave you feeling distinctly different. I am not blocked up, just heavy headed, watery eyed and coughing due to the runny nose. I can't say the Allegra is helping yet, but guess what!? The Vicks rubbed on the soles of my feet at night is working a treat still and at least I am sleeping like a baby!

Now the locals just nod wisely at me and say "ahh yes allergies, we all get 'em, it's all the wind and dust out here"....I have to say that really makes me feel better, knowing I have this to look forward to every spring for the rest of my days!


Teresa said...

Is this an out in country sort of thing, or is is all over including in the city? It sounds like maybe you are out of a city area with the dust and wind factor. Please tell me that is the case as I am moving from the Chicago, area to Oklahoma City in two weeks. My husband Jon, accepted a position out there and I am up to my clear eyeballs in boxes and bubble wrap.

BritGal' Sarah said...

I asked my Hubster for you Teresa, he's lived in OK his whole life and he said yes it can be as bad in OKC. Although the dust does make it worse out here, the ragweed, pollen etc are the same across the state. Our weather forecasters even have a pollen count on their broadcasts at times.

Karla or Pam live in OKC, so see if they weigh in on this too. But i can tell you when they saw me at the weekend, they said 'oh yes, Okie allergies'....sorry!

On the upside, maybe in the future we can get together too :-)

Teresa said...

Well, I am very healthy. I just got a complete great report from my annual physical. God is my healer and provider of everything I need. I have a positive attitude, and I take great supplements. I guess I will be adding alphalpha to my list to take.

That is a wonderful upside. I think getting together after I get there would be nice. I am really enjoying your blog. Okay, the snakes, bugs, insects and allergies ...um not so much. Otherwise, I enjoy your blog quite a bit. Getting together would be really nice.

Barbara said...

Popped over from Teresa's to see how a Manchurian was coping with life in Oklahoma.
Sorry about the hayfever though.