Knicker Update ;-)

I am happy to report despite all the stress involved in the buying process, I seem to have successfully bought correctly fitting, exceedingly comfortable, no ride-up or panty line knickers :-)



Teresa said...

Congratulations! on the panty (knickers) find. One of these days, most likely within the year, I am going to England... a dream for many years. And, Marks & Spencer's is on my to do definitely list!!!

I have been trying to read through your blog. Very nice blog! I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. I will start responding later to some other things and more formally introduce myself, but as I am in the market for new under garments I wanted to ask you just one question. What brand did you buy that not only fits well and is exceedingly comfy, but does not ride up or show panty lines??? Because, I will try that brand!

Oh, if you don’t want to post it on your blog, feel free to email me through my blog.

By the way, my name is Teresa, and I am glad to meet you Sarah, though it be in the blogosphere.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hi Teresa, nice to meet you too and glad you are enjoying my blog thus far.

I bought Vanity Fair and they are made from microfiber. One pair have lace edging, the soft kind of lace and the others just one of those flat seamless edges.

Both are highly recommended, you can't over-estimate too much knickers that don't ride up or show panty lines!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

It's it just like finding gold?!

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Sarah, I just saw that comment come through! I have my 3 rascal boys home on school holidays so it has been crazy around here lately!! I am still reading blogs as I can't stay away, but don't seem to find enough time (or energy) to post. I will hopefully get back to it by the end of the week!! Thanks for emailing me!

I was laughing at your knickers (or undies as we tend to say) story!!!

Expatmum said...

So is Vanity Fair the brand name? (As opposed to the magazine?) and if so, where can one get them, they sound fab.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Yep it's the brand and I found them in Kohls