Brit' Gal in OKC

Well we have had an excellent day in OKC, we got plenty of retail therapy in and also had a great time meeting some of my blogging buddies. And so far we are on schedule with the shopping and the diet hasn't been blown out of the water. I was especially happy to get to a British store to stock up and get hold of a tag plate with the British flag on it, now the locals will see me coming!

At noon we met BRAD and KARLA with their lovely girls Sarah and Ashley for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Penn Square Mall. It was great to actually sit down and visit with some of my favourite blog writers and chat instead. We covered topics ranging from driving in the USA and the UK, road-rage, bugs, snakes, photography and finally much discussion of the weather. It turns out I share my jumpiness over tornado's with Ashley and it was also interesting hearing about their experience during the May 3rd 1999 OKC day of tornadoes. Ashley advised me I will only know I am truly an Okie when I start saying "Y'all". Us girls then dragged the men along to Sephora and they stoically waited whilst we all tried, tested or shopped in the ultimate girls store :-)

Brad and Karla are planning on bringing the girls to see the sights out our way later in the year and we hope to get together again with them then and have them visit with us.

This evening we met up with PAM and her British husband John, who grew up and lived in the very same area I did in the UK. As they say, sometimes it is a very small world indeed and certainly this turned out to be the case with us. We know many of the same local haunts and even though our families have moved over the years, they are still in similar area's!

We met at Charlestons for a delicious dinner and then pretty much talked non-stop for over 3 hours. We share alot of common interests and experiences, the most obvious one being our international marriages, but also a love of many things including Formula One. It turned out Pam and I also have Hubsters with pretty much the same sense of humour and an immense gratitude for how lucky they are having us as their better halves (tongue firmly in cheek here)!

We hope Pam & John will also make it out to visit us at some point and maybe we can all watch a Formula One race together, that is if we can hear it at all above all out constant talking and comparing notes....LOL!

So we had a great day and meeting these new friends was definitely the highlight for us. We have some more retail therapy to finish off tomorrow and then head back home later.


Vickie said...

Sarah: That's just so cool that you had a great F2F!! And shopping therapy extraordinaire! = )

pamokc said...

you beat me to the post! :) it was a great time, we enjoyed it muchly and hope to do it all again soon! the evening flew by. when i'm human again in june, we will just have to plan an F1 trip to NW Oklahoma :)

Karla said...

We had SO much fun meeting you and are eager to come out to see you later on in the year! So glad we did this!

dabrah said...

How wonderful to meet in person the people you've made friends with through blogging. It sounds as if you're having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. So great that you could meet some blog friends.

BritGal' Sarah said...

We made it home, all shopped out and had a fab weekend. Now we are looking forward to some OKC visitors out this way :-)

Janet said...

That DOES sound like fun! I've never had the opportunity to actually meet any of my blogger buddies. Maybe someday...!

Haven't been back home to Oklahoma since 2002. But my best friend from high school is now in Edmond, and I still have family in and around Tulsa. It's a good state, full of great people.


Expatmum said...

Ah good times.
I have tagged you (see my place) but please feel free to ignore it if it's not your thing!

Brad said...

Looking forward to headin' west... maybe I can bring a couple of my slithering friends along for some entertainment!

Although we didn't discuss it, as a motorsports fan, I enjoy Formula 1 too (along with my NASCAR)! In fact, I caught the last race that was on!