Countdown over...

We are off to OKC in the morning, we have a 2-page hit list of stores and shopping, so we don't forget anything and some kind of a plan! As long as the Hubster can keep me moving along in Garden Ridge, Victoria's Secret, Macy's and Sephora, we should make it all :-)

The highlight of the weekend though is getting to meet 3 of the friends I have made through this blog. We are meeting up with BRAD and KARLA (married to each other) and their girls for lunch tomorrow, and then PAM and her British husband John in the evening for dinner. I am very excited to meet them all and will take some pictures of our 'cultural exchanges' as Brad calls them!

I was really worried about sticking to my diet, but have just researched the healthiest options for the restaurants and am now relaxed about it. Plus Cracker Barrel (breakfast on Sunday) has a whole healthy menu I wasn't even aware you could get, because usually I would have been too busy shoveling down pancakes and syrup! Not this time :-)

So my next post late tomorrow afternoon will be from OKC and will probably include piccies from the 'Okie bloggers' lunch meetup.

Ok....off to iron, tidy around and pack a few things :-)


dabrah said...

Hi Sarah, have a really great time. How exciting to get to meet some of your blog buddies!

Mary said...

Have a blast, Sarah!