Brit' Gal put into comatose state by 2nd graders!

Oh boy! Or maybe that should be "Ohhh...2nd grade boys"

Today I had my favourite 2nd grade class and they really are, but they are sooo tiring LOL! The girls are little sweethearts, but 6 out of the 7 boys are SO LOUD and energetic. When we had spare time they all pounded me with questions about England and the Queen, but I found some online video for them to watch that finally quietened them.

I am so brain dead as a result, that I managed to almost rip my wing mirror off my Pickup as I drove into the garage. So I have had to do a bit of grovelling to the Hubster and beg forgiveness for it's smashed state :-(

The full-time teacher of this class who is an older lady than myself, has all my admiration for doing 5 days with them in a row. This particular 41 yr old is knackered after just one!

I am off to lie down and recuperate in a darkened, silent room.


Chellie said...

I'm assuming you have a wondeful accent and I bet the kids love it!

Janet said...

I KNOW how my friends & family in the States love John's accent. And he gets asked the same questions as the kids asked you, too. (Maybe he can carry around some video on his iPod to satisfy the adults' questions -- hmmmm...never thought about that! You've given me a great idea!)

Teaching adults is hard enough. I know how tired I get. I can't even imagine a class full of energetic kids!!!


Vickie said...

Maybe the full time teacher has built up a tolerance. = )