So close but no cigar YET!

Well I lost another 1.4lbs this week taking me to 28lbs in total and a milestone in the UK, as that's 2 stone :-) and people are now really noticing a difference in me.

The UK measure every 14lbs as 1 stone and you say your weight as so many stones and then a few pounds - crazy I know!

I say no cigar yet....as I am waiting to hit the magical 30lbs and am determined to do it next week without fail. So no Creme Eggs this week and just a few flexies used, as we are also away in OKC next weekend and will be eating out more, so I need to start cutting back now (sigh). I will post an updated piccie at 30lbs.

Good luck to all my other weightwatchers bloggers out there.


Janet said...

IMPRESSIVE! Good for you!!!

Can't wait to see the new photo.


Lynne said...

28 pounds is great! I'm sure people are noticing. I've lost 16 and people have noticed.

Looking forward to pictures!

Oh, thanks for the warning! LOL!

Gnightgirl said...

Yay for you. I joined weight watchers online a month or so ago. I was down 9, but I've gained 3, as life has steamrolled me and I've not had a second to count points and prepare food. Back on track now though...as of this morning. Try, try again!

Brown English Muffin said...

I had no idea you weight watchers as well....I do it off and on and have never signed up.

I need to loose as least 75lbs to be in my height weight range and the funny thing is I thought I was fat when I was within my range.

You have to post before and after picks!!

I am trying to get back to doing it diligently by doing liquids for a week to shock my body, then one week of protein and then strictly sticking to weight watchers and no cheating!!!

God job on your 28lbs!!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Thank you!

I have been doing WW online since the end of Sept' last year. With my thyroid issues it takes longer, but I am getting there and will not be giving up - it's now just a way of life. Only 59 more to go! LOL

pamokc said...

wow! what a total accomplishment. My sister has lost 20 in the last few months on WW. That does it. I'm signing up! Way to go, girl!

Carrie said...

See.. I'm catching up on your blog now that the rugrats are back in school! Sigh of relief..

I'm doing WW and have lost about 15 pounds since January and like you have to deal with an ongoing thyroid issue which just s-l-o-w-s the whole process down. Like you, as soon as I hit 14 pounds, I thought yay a stone to my somewhat bemused friends!

Keep on going! We can BOTH do this!

oh and PS. thanks for your comment on my blog. Fell of my chair when you said you came from Watford. My grandparents owned a pub there called "The Hertfordshire Arms" back in the sixties, so spent many summers in their pub garden with my packet of crisps and lemonade.. in fact, hours upon hours.. and hours, particularly during the lunch time trade, then cleaned tables when they closed at 2:00 pm and made to feel that was a treat! ha!