Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD if not understood could have very dire consequences for Americans driving in the UK!

"I was walking on the pavement when a car nearly hit me!"

Now an American reading this would think 'well what do you expect'?! However they would be very wrong as in the UK:

'Pavement' = Sidewalk!

So when driving in the UK, I would urge you at all costs not to drive on the pavement as you would at home. Otherwise at the very least you can expect a fine, but you may end up doing jail time!

For my British readers Pavement = Road in the USA! So enjoy driving on the pavement and waving to passing Policemen (Cops) with gay abandon ;-)

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pamokc said...

hmmmm, well now i think pavement COULD accidentally mean sidewalk since it is paved concrete. but that's a stretch, i know! sorry i haven't caught up too much lately, but will get back on track soon. whenever i think it will slow down at work, i am WRONG!