Handbag of the day....Fleur!

I am starting off my new 41 day featurette with one of my absolute favourite handbags and because she is so feminine I have decided to name her 'Fleur' (French for flower).

She is an absolute cutie of a summer bag; made of straw with a natural cotton lining that closes with a silk drawstring and leather handles. I am not one for white handbags as they just mark too easily and so I prefer colourful straw bags for summer. Fleur is especially useful as her flowers are the colours of clothing I wear the most, so she co-ordinates fabulously 90% of the time.

If she has one drawback it would be she is only small. So I only tend to use her for social events, as she is not practical for shopping or work when I need to carry more with me.

I purchased Fleur in my favourite city in the UK - Bath, a few years ago and she is wearing very well. I found her in a wonderful store called EAST, which is a national chain store that is a bit upmarket and ethnic....I miss this store here.

As you will see over the next 41 days, occasionally I do go with a trend, but 90% of the time I obtain my handbags because they are either very individual, very practical or just gorgeous! I also only very rarely 'do' designer bags, mainly because when they are 'in' they are everywhere and lose their individuality due to fakes. But I also don't believe in spending crazy amounts of money for a 'label' and as a result I think I have a far more eclectic collection of regularly admired but usually inexpensive bags.

Fleur fulfills 2 of these requirements, she is both individual and gorgeous, and I could have sold her many times over to admirers during the years we have spent together :-)


Teresa said...

Very very pretty. Of all the straw handbags I have seen, I have never seen one like that. I checked out East by your link. Nice store! I would think as close as you are to Texas, there should be a store with such pretties. Hum... I will try to look around a bit once I am there.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Fleur is a cute little thing! ☺

Mary said...

That is QUITE the handbag, Sarah. Fleur, for sure! Very appropriate for this time of year. And you bought it at Bath. I really need to get there someday. I look forward to this featurette :~)

Vickie said...

Fleur is indeed a lovely.
Here's a link to my favorite bag maker, Maruca:

BritGal' Sarah said...

Oh gawd Vickie, did ya have to go and give me that link...LOL They're cute bags!

Linda said...

Cute purse! I look forward to seeing the others.

Vickie said...

Sarah: Yes, I felt compelled to share. = )