Dan does it again...

This is a fast moving story set against the background of a Presidential campaign (how current!) and exposes the lengths people will go to for power.

It centres around a once in a lifetime discovery made by NASA, of extra-terrestial fossils in a meteorite discovered buried under the Milne Ice Shelf in the Arctic. The government brings in civilian experts to verify the NASA data independently, but they soon discover all is not what it seems and an elaborate fraud is being played on the American public in a bid to secure votes.

Soon the daughter of one of the Presidential candidates and a celebrity oceanographer find themselves fleeing for their lives, whilst trying to save the critical evidence they possess. The story revolves around government agencies, high tech' weaponry, communications and espionage.

I have to admit I am now a Dan Brown fan, his writing is always 'edge of the seat' stuff and keeps you gripped throughout. He also researches his books very well and I am often amazed at the stuff you learn, even if some of it's not 'real', you believe it is by the end. Dan spins a good yarn and always delivers a satisfactory ending.

If you enjoy thrillers on a bigger scale, with lots of detail and the story to move at a fast pace, I am certain you would enjoy this book.


Vickie said...

This is actually one of two of Dan Brown's books that are my favorites and they are the lesser touted ones. The other is DIGITAL FORTRESS. The two other more famous ones are okay, but not as enjoyable to me.

pamokc said...

ooooh, i haven't read this one yet. can i use it as one of my three recommendeds? i have one waiting while i finish up sophie kinsella. just haven't had time to read lately! if i sit down with a book, i'm pretty much asleep after the first page! i loved two of dan brown's books so can't wait to read this one.