The Diva has landed!

I have to say I have never had any respect for Mariah Carey and her diva'ish ways, ever since I heard her say in an interview years ago that "I don't do stairs" - she was serious!!!!

Well it seems that's nothing to what she demands these days, there was an article in yesterdays Daily Mail in the UK about her ridiculous ways. Here are just a few things she now demands:

When signing autographs this week at Selfridges department store, Mariah demanded a £50,000 antique table, covered with silk cloth, to scribble upon, flown in from New York. She sat on a £1,000 throne and was surrounded by roses and butterflies.

She insisted on having a £10,000 gym installed next to her penthouse suite at Claridge's. It was also rumoured she was bringing 100 pairs of shoes with her on the trip. She booked every penthouse suite in the hotel to ensure her absolute privacy and comfort. She has a 15-strong entourage with her, including bodyguards, stylists, hairdressers, publicists and managers.

Perhaps Mariah's single greatest moment of diva madness came when she checked into London's Baglioni Hotel in 2005. At 2am, a team of her minions arrived to check everything was ready for their mistress's arrival. She, meanwhile, was driven around in her limo, until the hotel had rolled out a red carpet, lined with white candles, for her to make her entrance. The hotel management was happy to oblige. Mariah rented 15 rooms at a cost of £20,000 a night - small change to Mariah, who's worth an estimated £125 million.

Mariah refuses to speak to anyone for two days before a concert, communicating only through notes. She recently remarked that she wanted a voice machine like Stephen Hawking's to save herself the trouble of writing.

Mariah used to insist on flying her Jack Russell terrier, Jack, in a first class seat, until he grew too big. Now he either goes by private jet - "Jack lives on a private jet," twitters Mariah - or by chauffeur-driven Mercedes. She has been known to have him driven the full 2,461 miles between her homes in Los Angeles and New York.

These are only a few of the things listed in the article, if you really want a laugh you can read the full version here. But these were enough to continue my personal crusade not to line this appalling womans pockets with anymore cash! As we Brit's would say "she's way to stuck up her own ass!"

I also think with all her money she really ought to dress with a little more class than a local stripper (this may be unfair to strippers actually!) and without flashing quite as much flesh.

Actually I think with her, you can tell what she's like just from looking at her pictures, could you imagine working for that ego! As you may have guessed - I am NOT a fan and never have been!


Expatmum said...

"Arse" - you've been here too long!
And do I get the impression you don't like her? Actually I was more appalled at the stories of Naomi Campbell throwing a hissy fit because she'd taken too much carry-on luggage on a flight. And apparently she spat in someone's face. Who on earth does that, and won't her mother be proud?

Suzie said...

that's why I dislike these spoiled rich bit.... she could help the poor or me.

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL expatmum! Actually I know Americans are somewhat shocked by 'arse' so I was sparing them!

Yep I was shocked but not at all surprised by Naomi....

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Good grief, that is so ridiculous! She seriously needs to get a grip and realize she's really not all that special, and realize how many people in the world consider that kind of behavior as a little too much. She needs to experience first hand how the rest of the world really lives :)

Sherri said...

Sarah, with all the hunger in the world what right does any of the stars have to ask for such extravaganzes!! She is definitely been out of control for a while. I've never been a fan and won't be any time soon!

BPD in OKC said...

I've never liked Mariah. She's way too much of a diva for me.