Need a good laugh?

Then go checkout this story from the Daily Mail in the UK!

This weekend is the Grand National horse race in Liverpool and for a few days beforehand they have a race meeting leading up to it. This would be England's equivalent to the Kentucky Derby and a huge national tradition.

It used to be a sedate affair fashion wise, until the mega-rich local soccer heroes started marrying women with not much class and gave them too much money to spend. We even have a name for these woman in our national dictionary - Wags (Wives and Girlfriends), that everybody knows just applies to these particular women.

Anyway these Wags have also unfortunately inspired the far less well off local women, to go that extra mile with their 'look'. Women from Liverpool and Manchester have always had a tendency to 'glam up' more than their southern counterparts. I am Manchester girl by birth myself with those same tendencies, I think it's just something in the water!

But oh my goodness, it has now got out of hand as this article demonstrates pictorially! I am embarressed for them, they look like some extraordinary pantomime show gone wrong. Bear in mind these women are at a racecourse in England in April. So they have to walk on grass in those mad heels, it's not that warm and talk about fake tan and over the top blonde extensions!

Please don't think all British women dress like this...it just appears to be a blight on Liverpool judging by these pictures! Good for a laugh though and to make the rest of us feel better about our dress sense. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom...LOL

The Hubster said they all look like streetwalkers whilst falling about laughing and I think is mightily relieved I don't ever look like this, mind you if I did, I doubt I'd be here!

Quite extraordinary, makes me wonder what's happening back home?!


Sherri said...

Wow Sarah-did any of those girls look in the mirror-LOL!!!!

Almost American said...

No curtain material left in Liverpool indeed! The sad thing is, they all left the house thinking they looked good!

I went to the Grand National once. My parents allowed us to each bet on a horse. My little brother - 5 at the time I think - wanted to bet on Red Rum. My parents refused to let him, as Red Rum had won twice before. That was the year Red Rum won for the third time :-(

pamokc said...

hey sarah, just to let you know, the 80's called and they want their clothes back from these girls. (OMG! Where did they find these dresses - surely this can't be **back** in style??)

BritGal' Sarah said...

Oh come now Pam!

Ya mean when we meet for dinner next week, you won't be dressed up like a dogs dinner too?! LOL

Expatmum said...

But where are the purple mottled thighs? It's cheating when you paste yourself with orange fake tan surely?

Vickie said...

Sarah: Maybe you could 'glam up' like these 'tasteful' broads for Halloween! That would be KEWL. = )